8 kg loads, 34 cm porthole door opening

Gorenje dryers can take up to 8 kg loads; in terms of capacity (117 l), this makes them superior to most other comparable products on the market and ensures optimal drying of larger loads. The conveniently large, 34 cm wide door opening makes it easier to load and empty the drum when drying large items such as blankets, curtains, covers or cushions. The Premium and Exclusive models have also been fitted with a light inside the drum and a door that opens out to a full 189 degrees, which allows for easy inspection of the contents and further facilitates the process of loading and unloading.
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XXL surface

Extra large board surface will make sure your ironing is easy even with larger items, while nine height adjustment levels will allow you to maintain a comfortable body posture.

Ikona - MultiUse


Microwaves, hot air and grill at your disposal
Built-in combined and microwave ovens deliver all the advantages of microwaves, hot air, and grill. The five-level microwave power setting speeds up the cooking process while the hot air makes sure the food is well done. Combined operation, using grill and hot air at the same time, leads to excellent results when cooking large chunks of white meat, while grill and microwave combination will speed up roasting smaller chunks of meat, baking pizzas etc. Built-in microwave oven can also be used as a conventional oven.
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Ikona - Thermostat


Getting the right temperature
An illuminated heater thermostat allows you to set the water temperature between 60 and 90 °C, depending on what you want to heat the water for. Water heater first automatically detects the temperature of poured water, which appears on the display. You set the desired temperature using the + and – keys. An acoustic alarm will let you know when the water is ready.
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Ikona - Easy clean

Easy clean

Cleaning is a cinch
Cleaning is a cinch. If you change the type of juice (change fruits or vegetables), pour water in the feeding tube while juicer is operating and simply empty the juice bowl. When you are finished with juicing, removable detachable parts, rinse them in water and empty the pulp bowl.
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